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Behind the Scenes

Activation of the Covid-19 pandemic prevention plan

On Saturday 14/03, the Greek Government has announced the mandatory closure of all the seasonal Hotels and Tourist accommodations until 30/04/2020.
This decision has been taken additionally and amongst other measures, in order to limit the spread of COVID-19.

We would like to inform you that our company, since the first appearance of the Covid-19 Koronium, has fully complied with the guidelines of EODY and has identified and designed actions that enhance our preparedness and minimize any adverse effects that may occur. caused by the spread of the virus.

Therefore all reservations up to 30/04/2020 need to be postponed!

In this context, our staff will always be at your disposal to optimally serve you, via phone conferencing or video conferencing (Skype) to discuss postponing dates for another year (even for another person your full name).

According to the official announcements & restrictions we have right now , from 01/05 onwards, we go back to normal operation till further notice.

In these difficult times for our country, our first priority remains the health of all our people and contributing to a concerted effort to limit the spread of the virus.

That is why we have proceeded to disinfect all our Vans, which will be repeated every week until the end of April, where we expect further guidance from the World Health Organization.

We remain optimistic and committed to our goal of ensuring the protection of all of us, our smooth operation and the excellent service of our customers, reviewing daily the new data, in constant communication with the Competent Authorities.

We would like to wish to everyone to stay healthy and strong!

For Thira Island Travel,
Chrysostomos Nomikos.